Setting Up Google Hangouts Meet for Teleconferencing

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to adopt to new ways of doing business.

Working from home is a new phenomenon that has been ordered by Governments and is therefore widely accepted than ever before across the globe.

The changing virtual workforce has to utilize teleconferencing technologies such as Google Hangouts Meet or simply Meet to work remotely.

It has never been easier to communicate and collaborate with people of all works of life anywhere, any time.

Google Hangouts Meet is included as part of G Suite, a suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google Cloud.

Below are all the steps you need to take to set up a Hangouts Meeting in your domain.

1. First and foremost you need to sign in to your Google Account.

2. Click on the App Icon and Select the Meet App.

3. Test the device’s Audio and Video Settings by clicking on the Settings Icon at the upper right corner.

4. When the Audio and Video settings are okay than click to Join or start a meeting.


5. If you’re joining, you’ll be asked to enter the meeting code or nickname. If you’re starting your own meeting, you’ll be asked to enter the title of the meeting and click continue.

6. Click Join now to start meeting or Present to immediately start your presentation.


7. A pop-up window will prompt you to add other people to the meeting. You can still achieve that by copying joining information and sharing with your invitees.

8. Choose who to invite and click Send invite. A meeting link to your attendees.

9. As a presenter, you have tools at your disposal that will enable you to conduct your conference. Thai may include tools like changing your layout, turning on captions and settings.

10. To make a presentation please click on Present now which gives you two options to present: your entire screen or a window. Choose any that suits you well. You should now be able to share your presentation.















11. The two icons at the top of the screen should enable you to know how many people are currently in your meeting and the other opens the chat features.

The Hangouts Meet web application works with the latest versions of popular browsers, including Google Chrome®, Mozilla Firefox®, Microsoft Edge®, and Apple Safari®.

I f you still require more help on Hangouts Meet then feel free to visit Hangouts Meet Help Page.


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